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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning Musing... thoughts and observations of the past week

Ahh the perfect Maxine cartoon after a week spent with the boys both home, LOL.

Spring fever pandemic! Who’d’ve thunk 36 degrees could feel so wonderful, but with sunshine galore, this was a gorgeous weekend. The birds were chirping, the neighbors were grilling and I even got to wear…. shoes!!! No boots on these feet when I headed out for church and shopping yesterday. Felt great!

Westminster Dog Show. Loved it, as always. For some mysterious reason (hmm. I wonder why? *G*), I always root for the herding dogs to win. EW magazine picked this guy as their choice for Dog of the Year, LOL. If you’ve seen the movie Up, you know why I agree. “Squirrel!”

Now, if the judges at Westminster would just overlook that whole “jumping as a form of greeting” thing, and admit that even those fancy pedigreed dogs lick their butts now and then, I think they’d see my side of things and pick this guy. Okay, maybe not. But he’s my pick for best in show any day, LOL.

McCaffrey’s Law: the one night I don’t have trouble falling asleep is the one night both my kids do (hmmm… worrying about heading back to school today, maybe?).

Tiger Woods. I missed it. Did Tiger see his shadow—or do we have six more weeks of sex scandals?

Quote for the day. This is from one of my personal heroes, the jellybean prez himself, who would have turned 99 this month:

Hard work never hurt anybody. But why risk it?” – President Ronald Reagan


Paty Jager said...

Fun musings. I think they should have a mutt category at the dog shows. In my estimation they are better dogs than the pure breeds. I haven't seen the movie "UP" I'm sure a grandkid will drag it to my house one of these days and we'll see it.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I agree! We were watching the Olympics the other day and they were showing some of the dogs who help dig skiers out from the mountains after avalanches. One was a german shepherd/border collie mix. Hey, now THAT'S a dog, LOL.

Up is adorable, I think you'll like it when that day comes, LOL.

Helen Hardt said...

Love the cartoon -- so true!

Sarah Simas said...

Fun post, Nic!

We watched the Dog Show. I love the Herding and Working group. I so want a Newfoundland or a BloodHound. Of course now that the Italiano breed won, my hubby wants one of those! Sheesh!

I'm done with the Olympics. The newscasters ticked me off with their cheesy comments and trying to talk the "snowboarder lingo". And here I thought I was the world's biggest dork! LOL

Cari Quinn said...

LOL, I loved your Tiger comment. Please let him see his shadow soon!

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