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Monday, August 12, 2013

Lots to Smile About

Northern Temptress is just back from the copy editor at TWRP, who had this to say:

I thoroughly enjoyed every word. Alexa is a complex character, full of spunk, love and compassion. Caleb, wow... he is the ultimate Southern dashing gentlemen, quiet strength. Together, they light the page on fire. Great story, really a great story. Even the setting, Gettysburg in the Civil War with blood shed, made me feel as if the house shook with the cannon shots. I can not express how much this story really hit my senses. I loved it. Thanks for a fantastic read.

Wow.  It doesn't get any better than that!

And for last fall's release, This Moment in Time, there is a new review on Amazon by Larura Hartland who had this to say:

I love time-travel romances, so I was overjoyed to see this one available for my kindle. And from the very first page I was hooked both by the heroine, Josette - also known as the Rose of Virginia - and the hero, Jamie, a modern-day knight looking for a cause. What could be better?

Josette Beaumont is a woman in an impossible situation, caught in the midst of the Civil War, her husband dead and her beloved home overtaken by Union Soldiers - including one General Stillwater, an absolutely loathsome character whom I loved to hate. Josette has been passing information to aid the Southern cause through one of the few people she's permitted to see during her imprisonment, her pastor, Reverend Huckabee. But the vile Stillwater is suspicious and not above using any available means to intimidate her.

Enter Jamie D'Alessandro, a man of our time who seems like he's been given every advantage, not the least wealth and devastating good looks. But Jamie has already lost so much, including his parents and his direction in life, and he's searching, though at the beginning of the book even he doesn't know exactly for what he's searching. He takes on the job of restoring the ruined mansion that was once Josette's home and stumbles into a portal through time, where he finds a cause that claims his whole heart.

I don't want to ruin any surprises and give away the ending here, but it's a thrilling ride after that through danger, love, achingly sweet sex and Josette's misguided desire to sacrifice herself for Jamie's sake. In the end, Jamie proves he's well able to fight for the woman he loves, and Josette is faced with the choice of two lifetimes.

Though this book is, in fact, a novella, it didn't feel like it while I was reading, and it certainly lacks nothing in suspense or character development. I was so satisfied at the end! I only wish I could give it six stars!

Amazin, Laura, thank you so much for "getting' my characters and their story.

As if all this wasn't enough to plaster a permanent goofy grin on my face,  this weekend is the TWRP author luncheon here in Rochester, and I can't wait to meet some TWRP authors and editors.  Lots to look forward to --and lots to smile about!

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