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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

As good a place to start as any....

I received this from Sarah Simas (thanks, Sarah!) back in December but haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet. I guess seven random facts about me are as good a place to start as any (if I can think of that many! LOL)

1. It's all about handbags. Some women shop for shoes, some like clothes. Me, I love purses. Big ones, small ones, leather ones, fabric ones. For me, a stroll through the handbag department is like a little kid walking through a candy store.

2. I've always believed that pets are God's way of keeping angels with us at all times.

3. I hate to drive. In fact, if I never had to leave my house again, I'd be a very happy hermit.

4. The first story I ever wrote was called "The Unloved Doll Who Became Loved" (my mother still has it). I've since learned not to give away the ending in the title. *G*

5. Fifteen years together and I am still giddily, ridiculously, head over heels in love with my hubby.

6. Hubby and the boys think I watch Dirty Jobs with them just to spend family time together. But I have a secret crush on Mike Rowe.

7. Must have my NCIS fix daily. A day without NCIS is like... well, a day without NCIS!!

How about you? What's something random about you that nobody knows? Fess up!


Helen Hardt said...

Mike Rowe is hot!

Random fact about me -- I hate goat cheese. It's evil.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL I agree Helen. Two words that should never be used together: goat... and cheese!

Paty Jager said...

Hmmm... random fact about me...

And I agree with Helen on the goat cheese. Though I had to milk a goat and pasteurize the milk when my second daughter was a baby because she couldn't drink formula and I didn't have enough breast milk. Nasty smelling stuff when it's heated up!

Sarah Simas said...

Here, here!! Mike Rowe is one hot hunky of dirty man meat! lol

Hubs watches Dirty Jobs every week and I've learned to work on the PC and look up every once in awhile to oogle Mike's muscles. lol

I hear he has an awesome voice. Hot and sings?! Wowza! I miss you, Nic! So, glad to see you!

I hate anything to do to with goats, too! And I've got a degree in Dairy science! lol A random fact about me is that I CAN'T parallel park to SAVE my stinkin' life! Hubs is forever remarking on the curbage stains on the tires. Oops! LOL

Sarita Leone said...

Welcome back! I missed you! :)

Random fact about me? Complete sucker for little kids selling stuff. Cannot turn one away, even if what's being sold is something we don't like or use.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I haven't meant to be away so long, LOL, funny thing about hiberanting, though. You never really say "well I'm going to go hide out for 3 months"--it just kinda happens.

So glad you're all still visiting me!


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