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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Morning Musing... thoughts and observations of the past week

*Whatever happened to manners? Maybe it’s because I spend so much time living in the past vicariously through my characters, but… Why does my son’s schoolteacher—a woman a good 15 years my junior—think it’s okay to call me Nicole when I’ve not invited her to do so and always call her Miss So and So? My younger son’s teacher is a good 15 years my senior and she calls me Mrs. Hmm…Maybe I’m an old fuddy duddy. But if you happen to see Common Courtesy out there, will you tell it I’m looking for it?

*Speaking of school…which is worse, that I have the middle school principal (where my oldest attends) on speed dial on my cell phone… or that the principal of the grammar school my youngest attends has me on hers? Hmmm.

*McCaffrey’s Law: the same husband who treats Christmas and birthday gifts as an afterthought will go overboard on Valentine’s Day… especially when you didn’t get him anything.

*February recess. Yes, the kiddies here are off from school all week. Who invented this form of parental torture anyway? I’m betting it was Uncle Walt himself, since this is one of the busiest weeks of the year at Disneyworld.

*How many more days until February recess is over?


Isabel Roman said...

I've decided to use your Maxine cartoon as my moto for the day. And yes, I've noticed a distinct lack of manners among younger professionals. Am beginning to feel very old.

Paty Jager said...

I agree about the lack of manners. Even when other people called the teachers by their first names when my kids were in school I always called them Mr. or Mrs. it was an issue of respect. If I showed the teacher respect my kids would. I call anyone older than me when I first meet them Mr. or Mrs. I hate it when some teen or twenty-something calls me "Hon" or "Sweetie".

Hang in there with the principals. Having boys- it's a given! LOL

I'm sending you vibes for a good week!

Unknown said...

Well, my hubby forgot all about Valentine's Day. This is despite me asking him if we were still going out to dinner last night or if he was too tired and should we order in? This was despite the fact we went to my son's house and my daughter in law proudly had displayed her roses, her huge red heart filled with candy. And this was despite the fact he stopped at the store to get our son his birthday cake and the store was surely filled with roses and hearts. Shaking my head. I'm only giving him slack because he just got out of the hospital. He promised he'd make it up to me with dinner later in the week. It's not exactly the same, however.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL Isabel. I'm a great believer in "putting the kettle on" when things get rough--never thought of using it that way, though!

So true, Paty. Lately when I'm out with my mother I get people referring to us as "girls"--as in "will you girls excuse me" or "what can I get for you girls?" Really torques me, LOL.

Ashley, LOL, why do we let them get away with it? Mine claimed to forget my birthday last year, and headed out that very evening at 7 p.m. to shop--on a Sunday no less. The only thing open was the dollar store! Thing is, I share a birthday with our youngest son, so how, amid all the gifts and singing and the little one announcing over and over "it's our birthday, mommy!" did he forget? LOL

Helen Hardt said...

I hate to be the bone of contention here, but I hate being called Mrs., lol. Makes me feel old!

My mom, who is very old school, still introduces me to people as her daughter Helen, and Helen, this is Mrs. so and so. Cracks me up. I'm 45 years old!

Sarah Simas said...

Heya, Nciole!

I'm so diggiing your Maxine comics. I love her!

I always make my kids call adults, Mr. or Miss/Ms/Mrs. I've only been called "Mrs.----" a couple of times in my 9yrs of having the lofty title. It's kind of weird when I hear it.LOL I still associate the name to my MIL.

I get disgusted every time I go out. There are so many rude and inconsiderate ppl living among us. They don't follow even the simplest practices of civility. Sheesh! Makes you kind of wonder what the world is coming to.

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