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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out There and Vote!

Whether your candidate is running a bit behind, or the front runner, don't forget to vote today! Never mind the polls that say she/he's so far ahead he/she can't lose--or so far behind he/she can't possibly win; polls can't predict who will actually turn out and vote.

So get out there and exercise your right as an American citizen!

Snoopy for President, anyone?


Monya Clayton said...

Hi Nic - I don't know nor want to which party you vote for, but now it's (more or less) all over I hope your candidate won.
I have to say that the whole process inspires some wonder in Australia. You see, we have compulsory voting and don't need to generate huge amounts of dazzle during campaigns. And it's probably compulsory because we just wouldn't bother, otherwise!
Take care.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Hi Monya!

I voted for the candidate I felt was best qualified for the job, LOL, but sadly, my guy didn't win.

I think compulsory voting might be better, LOL, this campaign dragged on and on and on. It's a relief not to have any more political ads on TV!

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