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Friday, November 21, 2008


My CP’s and I have been having difficulty getting together lately. Between sick kids, traveling for work or just lifus interruputs in general, we’ve only met twice since September. Meliss still didn’t make it, but Kat and I had a great time. (Since we meet at a mall Barnes & Noble location, it’s probably also the last time we’ll have a quiet place to meet or a halfway decent place to park until mid-January or so, LOL).

It was fun to catch up, but best of all, when we’d finished critiquing we did some brainstorming. I’ve had only the tiniest seed of an idea for a time travel story (involving the civil war, of course) –and by the time we left, we had practically plotted the entire thing! (Now if only I had time to actually write it, LOL). I was so excited I tossed and turned half the night thinking about it!

Don’cha just love when that happens?


Helen Hardt said...

A Civil War time travel sounds great!


Paty Jager said...

Yes, I hate that and Get Busy and Write! I"m still waiting for the western!!!!!ugshi

Nicole McCaffrey said...

You'll actually be getting it soon, Romance Author. I'm nearly done with the revisions --and then you can rip it to shreds!

Unknown said...

Love the Civil War period. I do all my critiquing online through email.

Did I forget to send you my stuff? My lap top was dead and my schedule was trapped on it for a couple weeks. If so, please forgive me.

Susan Macatee said...

That's my problem! I keep coming up with all these great ideas, but don't have time to write them all. I keep telling myself -some day. LOL.

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