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Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Faith

If you read the previous blog, then you know I'm absolutely over the moon about the wonderful things my friend Faith had to say about The Model Man. She was kind enough to post them on the TWRP website under reviews where all potential buyers could view them.

Take a look: TWRP Review for The Model Man

Would somebody please pinch me, btw? This much good news all at once is just too good to be real!

And since this song has been stuck in my head since yesterday's post, I thought I'd share it here--you know, and get it stuck in YOUR head. *G*.


Unknown said...

You type 104 wpm? I bow to you. Way to go.

Isn't it great when someone says good things about our books? I love it.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Only after 2 cups of coffee and a good night's sleep. *G*

Yeah, it's a great feeling--you sit there writing these stories, loving these characters and hoping you're doing it right, that your readers will "get it". Then some day someone reads it and tells you they loved it, LOL. You almost have to pinch yourself to see if it's real.

Anonymous said...

George Michael was the first rock star I had a crush on. It was the tight shorts of his Wham! days, and that shot of his jean-clad a$$ in this video. Thanks for sharing!

Now onto the review: wow! OK, having read your work (if not this just yet) I'm not surprised she loved it. She'd be crazy not to!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Thanks, Christine. After all the years of working on it, and all the contest judges who hated it, LOL and all the people who said "you'll never sell a story with a heroine over the age of 40" it's such a strange feeling to hear that people are enjoying it!

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