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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home Improvement

If you're wondering where I've been lately, you need only listen to the creaky bones and groans of pain to figure it out.

Home improvement. Not the fun kind, where you hire someone else and sit back with a nice glass of iced tea and flip through a magazine until they're done. This is the much more affordable do-it-yourself kind of home improvement.

Let me back up a sec. My oldest son makes his first holy communion the first weekend in May. As I set about planning what to serve for the brunch following the service, and where I was going to put all those people, I made a big mistake. I looked around. Some of the relatives invited have never seen my house. Some haven't seen it since I moved in. In fact, I hadn't taken a good hard look at it since I moved in! So I did.

And boy does it look bad! Seven years of grubby little hands, chocolate milk explosions and crayon renderings have really taken their toll. It's not that I never clean my walls, LOL, it's just that after a while you're actually scrubbing paint right off the walls. And hey, I'm really kind of sick of the beige on beige "neutral" look that the previous owner painted the walls in order to help sell the house.

So I have been painting. Unfortunately, once I started on one room, it made the others look really bad. I did the living room/dining room--only to discover my front hallway looked even worse when I was finished. So I painted it. But the front hallway leads to my kitchen. Speaking of my kitchen... that room has been a work in progress for oh...a good six years now. But that doesn't mean a fresh coat of paint wouldn't spruce it up.

You see where all this is going? One thing has led to another until I don't know where to stop. The good news is this week I don't have to paint around school schedules. The kids are home on spring break.

Which is why I have all those lovely paint footprints to scrub off the floors when I'm done...


Unknown said...

There's so many home repairs I still need to do, I don't know where to start, but I'm anxious to do something. Feel good you're doing it.

Sarita Leone said...

OMG, I'm laughing so hard right now! Thank you for the early giggle.

I know just how this is, this home improvement chaos, so I can totally relate. My hubby and I are big gut-and-rebuild types so I'm no stranger to a paintbrush...or a sawsall...or, um, a nail gun or--well, I don't want to scare anyone. Let's just say I've wrecked my share of manicures!

I've never had to wipe kiddy footprints from the floor, though. I imagine that must be fun. :)

Good luck with the home improvements. And wonderful news about the upcoming communion and family gathering. A great way to begin the warm weather fun!

Paty Jager said...

Good luck with the home improvements and the kids being home! I know how it goes. We have a room that is only about 1/3 done.

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