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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Struggle is Real week 5: A Day Late and a Dollar Short


Well, I am a day late posting this.  And not a lot has changed since last week.


Life still continues to hammer away at my writing time with the intensity of a nor’easter in mid-winter. 


Once again, I won’t bore you with details. Basically a “same stuff/different day” scenario.  But despite my best efforts to get back on track this week, I fell somewhat short of my goal.  Well more like a few miles, give or take a hundred.  😏


I did get in a couple of good afternoons of writing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my characters.  So the issue is really not writer’s block or not making time.  It’s just other things getting in the way. 


It helps, to a certain extent, to look back at the week and realize it is not entirely me, there is a lot of demand on my free time and some days, that “me” time comes at an hour that’s just too late –my muse is not a night owl, after all. 


So as I continue to move forward and try to wrangle some time for me (are we, as moms, wives and caregivers even allowed to think about me time?  Sometimes I think not!) I will keep myself accountable and keep you updated.


How did you do with your writing goals this week? Did you meet them? Or did you fall short, or like me, miss them by a mile or more?


I’ll be back next week with another update!


Paty Jager said...

I did meet them to some extent. I wanted more words, but I did sit down and write every day I was home. That is big at this point. With managing the promotion, marketing, and everything else that comes with having books, I tend to find I have less and less writing time not to mention outside things pulling me.

Glad you did get some writing time in. I find it's necessary to stay sane.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

So true. And it's hard when so many things are pulling for your attention. Glad you got some time in each day, I am still struggling with that this week myself. Here and there just doesn't drive up the word count LOL.

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