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Monday, June 9, 2008

Interview with Regan Taylor

Well I did it. After spending the day being nauseous and nervous, I did it.

I talked to Regan Taylor of Talking Romance. And lo and behold, I had fun! Regan is a wonderful interviewer, she put me right at ease and cliché as it sounds, it felt like we were just two old friends enjoying a chat on the phone. Never mind the potential for thousands of others listening in, LOL. There were a couple of places where maybe I could have said more or where we both paused and maybe I giggled too much, but I felt good about it afterward.

Afterward of course, came the “shoulda coulda’s.” At one point Regan asked me about my guilty pleasures, what I read in my down time. I rattled off the list of authors on my keeper shelf: Maggie Osborne; Jodi Thomas; Linda Lael Miller; Johanna Lindsey; Pamela Morsi. Then we started chatting about e-publishing and e-readers and I meant to come back and name some of the TWRP authors and other e-pubbed authors I’ve come to enjoy (Paty Jager; Carol Spradling; Leanne Tyler; Ashley Ladd; Sarita Leone) But as conversations do, we veered onto something else and I missed my chance to promo some of my favorite authors you may not have heard of.

Then later we were talking about what I have in the works and I was so focused on my historical offerings I totally forgot to mention Sons of Summerville, the contemporary anthology I’m working on with three other TWRP authors.

But the bottom line: I had a great time and look forward to talking to Regan again soon. I’m also going to try and listen to her show more often, it’s at an odd time of day for me (Sunday afternoons at 5 pm EST) but once we get into summer vacation, that won’t be such a busy time of day.

Meanwhile, if you want to listen to me giggle and stumble over my tongue and probably sound pretty darn foolish overall, click here. Don’t mind the name, my friend Faith was kind enough to swap dates with me since my last interview didn’t work out.

Til next time!



Sarita Leone said...

Nicole, I'm so glad this went so well for you! It is great to hear you had so much fun. :) And thank you so much for even thinking of me; you've made my day. Just knowing my name came to mind really makes my heart warm. Thank you.

Off to listen...


Unknown said...

Great interview. I'm honored that you mentioned me and like my books.

Most interviews turn out well although when they're live, I tend to get nervous at first, too. It's human nature. Dad's computer is ultra slow and clunky so when I get home to mine which I appreciate more and more for how fast and powerful it is, I can't wait to listen to your blog radio interview.

Susan Macatee said...

Your interview was great, Nic!
I have enough trouble doing email interviews, where I can type it, think about it, then go back and change anything I didn't like.
Going live would scare me to death!

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