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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Christmas in July - Times Two!

"If I had a great big house, I'd have a Christmas room... when things about me all went wrong, I'd find Christmas still in bloom..."  Jimmy Dean

There are two kinds of people in this world, I've decided.  Christmas folks... and grinches! LOL.  I could live Christmas all year long, and if I had that great big house that Jimmy Dean sang about on my mother's favorite Christmas album (and a favorite of mine, as well--Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card), I'd have one of those rooms, too.  

But I don't.  So I have to settle for writing Christmas stories in the summer (which I am not doing this year--kind of sad) and reading Christmas stories.  Or watching Hallmark's Christmas in July movies.  Guilty pleasure LOL.  Or all of the above! 

Last year at this time I was happily at work on not just one but two Christmas stories!  First there was Chocolate Chip Christmas Wishes, part of The Wild Rose Press' Christmas Cookies series.  If you haven't met half elf/half human bad boy Jake, you are missing out on some fun!

I was also working with friend and fellow Wylder author Kim Turner on Christmas in the Wylder County Jail.  That story was so much fun!  After the first Wylder stories were released in December of 2020, readers were asking for more of Miss Addie, the town madam, and Russ Holt, a wealthy rancher from town with a fondness for the bottle. 

So two vastly different stories, one contemporary fantasy, and one western historical. I'll be back later this week to talk about each one of those stories!!

Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card can be enjoyed here:

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