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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday Thoughts: Encounters with Angels

It’s been a rough week, let’s just say that and leave it at that.  Teenagers.  Crazy old people.  Stressed out husband.  Bills.  See my last post about Anuus Horribilis and you will understand; this week was no better.

With added stressors of its own (and I will spare you the details on that believe me) this week has done its fair share to knock me into the ground. 

A friend of mine has a craft booth at a weekly farmer’s market near my home so on occasion on a Thursday evening I’ll stop by and see her.  I’ll bring my little folding chair and stay for a while and we always have a lovely visit. I meet the nicest people who stop to buy the beautiful items she creates and it's always a pleasant diversion from my real life.

Well tonight I was sitting there and a regular customer of hers stopped by and they chatted for a while. Finally the woman asked ‘How is your friend doing?”  And my friend turned and gestured  to me and said “this is the friend.”  Apparently during a conversation at some point she’d told her customer about what I’m dealing with—the “two Crazy Old People”-- and the woman was sympathetic since she’d once dealt with a  similar situation,  also with her in-laws.

I immediately liked her and was drawn to her warm personality.  She is Italian and understood what it’s like to have Italian in-laws, especially the mother-in-law LOL.  We chatted for a bit, she gave me some good suggestions for ways to help ease some of the frustration of dealing with, well, two crazy old people LOL.  And when we parted she said she would pray for me.

In a week that has had me wondering more than once if anyone Upstairs was listening, it was a nice reminder that He was. He may not have made the house call I needed, but I heard Him speak loud and clear through Ellen and felt the presence of angels.

And it helped.

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