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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Reviews Are In!!!

Wow, 4 1/2 stars from Manic Readers!! I'm so happy, and so relieved since this is my first foray into anything even slightly paranormal!!

Alberta, thank you so much--hug, hug, hug. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. 

The review is below.

Reviewer: Alberta
TV reality decorating show host Jamie has plans to demolish an antebellum house that has been deemed unsafe and unprofitable to renovate. Just to make sure, Jamie makes a trip to see the house in person and is amazed to find the ghosts of civil war combatants inhabiting it. At least he thinks they are ghosts, but what if he is the ghost instead?
I love time travel stories and This Moment in Time is very good. Jamie meets Josette, a southern sympathizer who is being held prisoner by a sadistic northern officer, who is sure she is passing on his troop movements to the south, but can’t figure out how.
When Jamie begins to visit her in her time, bringing trinkets and foot, she ends up visiting him in the future. But they can’t be together, they each belong in their own times, and the outcome of the war is more important than the burgeoning love they feel for each other.
When Josette’s life is threatened, can Jamie save her from death plus a fate worse than death? How will they explain each other to their own contemporaries?
I liked this cute little story, well-written, with enough suspense, conflict and differing motivations to satisfy the pickiest reader.

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