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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Morning Musing.... Marry My Daughter!

Is this straight out of a romance novelists' dreams, or what?  A wealthy Hong Kong businessman is offering a staggering amount of money ($64 million) to any man who can win over his daughter. (see video link below)

Now there are reports that the daughter is a lesbian and already married to a longtime female partner, so in order to write the story and get that HEA ending that romance novelists crave and our readers expect, we might need to change a few minor details--at least those of us who write traditional boy-meets-girl etc. romance.

But naturally the story put me in mind of the plot of my 2010 release Wild Texas Wind...but it also got me thinking.  Oh the fun I could have with that one!  It's definitely going into my "idea" file.

How about you? Does that sound like the sort of story you'd like to read--or write? Would it be a contemporary-set tale, with a wealthy father looking out for his powerful business executive daughter who just doesn't have time for romance? Or an historical tale with a difficult, hard to manage heiress who may or may not make Cinderella's ugly stepsisters look like prom queens?

Or would you rather twist the whole thing on its head and make it a wealthy socialite Mama trying to find a woman for her wealthy playboy son?

That's what I love about plots like this, the possibilities are endless!

What story would you write?

1 comment:

Caroline Clemmons said...

"What if" is a wonderful game we writers play. I loved all of your twists on the story.

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