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Friday, August 20, 2010

The truth is revealed!!!

So which of yesterday's comments was a lie and which were the truth?  Read on and find out!

1.  I sleep with six pillows.  Plus a husband.

Totally true.  Monya has it right.  You gradually add pillows to cushion the aches and pains.  I added one for each pregnancy, then another for a chronically achy knee, another when I tore ligaments in my ankle and the next thing you know.... 

2. If I were to become single again (widowed, divorced) I wouldn't remarry.  I'd just have more dogs.  Cause.... you can train dogs.

So very true.  And this came from an actual conversation with my sons after they overheard a discussion about the divorce rate on the radio.  I had to reassure them that mom and dad weren't quite ready to trade each other in for younger models just yet--and that should that ever happen, I would definitely lean toward canine companionship rather than trying the whole husband thing again, LOL. 

3.  I once made radio legend Casey Kasem cry.

This is surprisingly true!  Back in the day, I never missed Casey's weekly American Top 40 Countdown radio program.  My favorite part was the long distance dedication, where listeners wrote a letter to Casey requesting a song be played for a friend or loved one they'd lost touch with or who had passed on.  I wrote a letter to Casey myself and was thrilled when it was accepted.  Only the radio station in my area had changed its format and I could no longer listen to the AT 40 Countdown.  I contacted them, was put in touch with Casey's producer and told her that I wouldn't be able to hear my dedication air.  She said "Oh, I remember you, you're the little girl who made Casey cry."  She went on to explain that while taping the segment where he read my long distance dedication, Casey  kept choking up and had to start over several times.  Long story short, a few days later I received a cassette copy of that portion of the show in the mail, and when I popped it in and listened, sure enough, about halfway through the letter requesting a song in memory of my aunt, who had just passed on from breast cancer, you can hear Mighty Casey's golden voice crack.  I still have the cassette, btw, and a handwritten note from Casey telling me to "keep reaching for the stars."

4. My sister is also an author.

True.  She writes contemporary western romance.

5. I once turned down a really great job because it was on the 18th floor.  And I'm afraid of heights.

True. Can't believe you guys doubted this one, hee hee. Caroline has it right--I thought I'd get a nosebleed on that long elevator ride, and at nearly every floor, it stopped and more people got on  until we were packed in there like sardines (hold on... I'm feeling faint...did I mention I'm also claustrophobic???).  But really, even the idea of being that far off the ground is hard for this self-proclaimed wuss.

6. Speaking of fears, I suffer from lepidophobia, or fear of butterflies.  I'm also not good with birds, moths --pretty much anything that flutters.
Oh so very true.  Donna,  beautiful butterflies? Or harbingers of doom???  shudder, shudder. Lilly, your poor daughter.  I'd have been catatonic! Not sure what it is about them, they just give me the heebie-jeebies.

7. As a teenager, I won awards for bowling and could have gone on to compete professionally if I'd wanted to.
Gotcha!  Only Maeve and Monya caught my lie.  I was actually a pretty good bowler; my dad coached bowling and did take some kids on to competitive status.  I just wasn't one of them. 

8. I haven't written a dang thing since summer began.

Harumph. I see no one doubted this one, LOL, but it's true.  My kids have driven me CAR-AZY all summer long.  There just hasn't been time--or sanity--enough to write.

So since Monya and Maeve both guessed the correct answer I'll put their names in a hat (I'm not afraid of hats, as it turns out, LOL) and draw.... drum roll please....

The winner is Maeve!!  Email me at with your choice of which e-book you would like to receive a copy of and I will get that out to you!

Thank you, wonderful TWRP authors, for your amazing show of support.  I won't forget it and will try to get out and visit your blogs soon as well (and Monya, I know I still owe you an email, I haven't forgotten!)


Lilly Gayle said...

Reading your explanations was as much fun as reading the questions and trying to guess the truth. Fun blog!

Susan Macatee said...

That was a great post, Nic! Unfortunately, I never got my post up. Just couldn't come up with enough things, so I gave up. LOL.

Mimi Barbour said...

Hi Nicole,
Loved your was not only fun to read, it made you seem very human and a kind of person I could spend time with enjoyably. I love it when someone else has glitches in their human make-up like me. I also hate heights, don't like loud noises and particularly dislike dark places.
Good luck with the rest of your summer...

Monya Clayton said...

Hey, Nic, I did it for fun (in Australia we've just finishing voting for the Federal Government and believe me, this is definitely more fun!) - and to give you some blog kudos. You long ago sent me a copy of Small Town Christmas, so I'm happy for Maeve to get the prize.

Hope your competition achieves the hoped for results.

Monya Clayton said...

Rats, I didn't proofread. Sentence in brackets should be "we've just finished" instead of "we've just finishing..." Tut, tut. Actually I hope the Labor Party scrapes in - we've only had our first female Prime Minister for 2 months so far, and she's a redhead. (I'm not a redhead, but my Dad was.)

Still, just as well voting is compulsory in Oz, or none of us would bother!

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