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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Musin'

Yesterday didn't allow for much blogging time so I'm musing a day late, and since my brain is still reeling from The Crash (my desktop--which is still not home) my musing is very lame, LOL.

Lovely evening. Yesterday was one of those perfect spring days, a bit on the cool side, but sunny with blue skies. After dinner last night, I convinced the DH to take a walk with me and the dog while the boys rode their bikes. What a great way to cap off an evening (and we snuck in a little exercise to boot!)

Sandwich generation. That's what they call those of us who have elderly parents and young children. I think that's because calling it "the generation whose head is being squeezed in a vice grip until their brain explodes" would take too long.

Kudos to Darah. Have you seen the review Miz Lace got for Unmasking Zorro? Incredible. Congrats, Darah. If you haven't seen it, hop on over to her blog and check it out. It's phenomenal! But then I expected nothing less.

Cold sweat. Now that I have the release date for Wild Texas Wind, my nerves are kicking up. What if no one likes it? What if it gets bad reviews? What if it doens't sell???? What if, what if, what if, LOL. It's amazing how many ways I can find to torture myself over what's supposed to be a good thing!

Favorite quote this week: (as seen on a bumper sticker, LOL) I'd give up chocolate... but I'm no quitter!

Now if that doesn't tell you everything about my mindset (let alone where my hormones are!*G*) this week, LOL, nothing else will.

Hope it's warm and sunny where you are!


Paty Jager said...

Hope the computer is up and kicking soon. WE have had so-so weather. It's rained the last couple of days which is good, it means the grass should be popping up soon, and we can quit feeding the cattle.

Congrats on your next release and quit worrying, Everyone is going to love it!!

Sarah Simas said...

Now there is a bumper sticker I'd gladly sport on my mama-mobile!! Awesome!

I hope your PC issues get to rights quick. I'm sending good wihes your way for a wonderful and relaxing weekend!((hugs!))

Susan Macatee said...

Oh, stop worrying, Nic! I can't wait to see that new book in print. It's exciting news!!

And I can relate to computer problems. Fortunately me HP has been going strong since I got it, after the initial software meltdown. I don't want to jinx anything, though, so I'll shut up about it now.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL thanks, Susan.

I hear you about not wanting to jinx yourself, LOL. I have my desktop home and am very happy to have it back. Six years with only this one little problem isn't bad at all! I'm just glad to have it home.

Spending this week playing catch up after having the boys home all week... hopefully I'll get time to update the blog, too!

Caroline Clemmons said...

Oh, Nic, that bumper sticker is made for me! LOL Looking forward to Wild Texas Wind.

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