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Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Very Happy Fourth!

If you are, or have ever been, a migraine sufferer, you’ll understand when I say I’ve been to hell and back this past week. Weather has always been one of my worst migraine triggers; summer is probably the season where I see them the most. Whether it’s the constant back and forth from muggy outdoor heat to cool air conditioned indoors, or the frequent fluctuations from damp to dry or hot to cool conditions, it’s enough to have me ducking and running for cover.

The past week saw a lot of those kinds of fluctuations and a lot of migraines. It also saw a family funeral (the stress of which also triggered a migraine!) So I apologize for not getting back with blogs about the book signing.

So how did it go? LOL. Well… it went. Christine(in the green Starbucks apron along with me, center in the blue jacket, and my two CP’s Kathy and Melissa) was sweet to set it up. But she and I both realized within a very short time that most people venturing into Starbucks that night were in search of coffee. Not books. The weather cooperated with a picture perfect summer evening—so perfect in fact that it turned out to be one of the quietest evenings they had seen in Starbucks for quite some time. I sold all of two books, one each of The Model Man and one Small Town Christmas. Both to the same person. A friend who came out to the book signing. But nothing ventured nothing gained, so at least now I can say I’m a seasoned pro at book signings. And next time… maybe I’ll bring a book to read, LOL.

I did get to take some time out for some serious rest and relaxation on July 4th. My hubby always takes the week of the 4th for vacation. Rainy weather kept us all indoors those first couple of days, and with me with a migraine to begin with, it was not entirely pleasant with all of us being cooped up together. But the Fourth was the most perfect summer day you can imagine (and the first day in nearly a week I woke without a migraine!) Not too hot, not a rain cloud in sight—just sunny blue skies and comfortably warm temperatures.

If I’ve said it before, it bears repeating; no one knows how to celebrate the Fourth of July like my adopted hometown. Our town parade sees marching bands from other towns who don’t celebrate on the grand scale that we do, as well as pretty much any politician running for office. There’s always a big turn out. My dh has dragged me along to this for thirteen years now, and at some point, he stopped “dragging” LOL, I pretty much go willingly. After the parade there’s an old fashioned celebration on the grounds of our town hall with games for the kids, music, craft booths, food and lots of relaxation. Hot dogs, Italian sausage loaded with peppers and onions, lemonade, apple pie on a stick—it’s all there. The kids played games—after all these years, the duck pond is still my favorite!—and browsed the crafts and other goodies. There’s a gentleman there every year who sells homemade lollipops; my kids look forward to that. I look forward to the fudge lady whose peanut butter fudge tastes almost as good as the kind my dad used to make. After lunch, we sat around beneath the shade of one of the many, many maple trees, enjoyed the band and a cooling breeze. Not once did I think about work, laundry, writing or any of the things I “should” be doing. I think it’s probably the only day of the year I’m really able to fully relax. This year's celebration was made even nicer by my father-in-law joining us; in the 60+ years he's lived here, he's never once gone to the parade, so the boys were glad to have Papa along and we all enjoyed the festivities together.

My boys are still too young to stay up until ten o’clock to go to the town fireworks (the oldest could stay up that late, but I think by the time we got back he'd be pretty wiped out!). My youngest especially was feeling the effects of a change in his asthma medicine and quite tired, but my 8 YO stayed up to watch the Macy’s fireworks on television and we snuck outside to oooooh and aaaaaahhh over what we could see of the fireworks happening at Town Hall, and a few neighbors joined in the celebration with their own displays, so he didn't feel too deprived, LOL.

The good news is I feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to return to the daily grind of work and writing tomorrow. How about you?

How was your holiday? Do you celebrate quietly with loved ones –or host the biggest cook out in the county?


Sarita Leone said...

Nicole I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines as well as your family's loss. Please accept my sincere condolences. And I'm so glad you're feeling better!

Have been waiting to hear about the signing! So much fun to get a photo, too! Everyone looks like they had a good time; I'm so happy for you. Not a firing squad in sight...

Our holiday weekend was spent with family. It was quiet but perfect. And there were fireworks that night so all is well here. :)

Paty Jager said...

We were on the road- literally when the fireworks went off at the largest town near our cabin. I could see a little of it in the rear view mirror then right before the turnoff to our property someone had their own fireworks going and it was nice to see.

As for the day- my dh worked and I wrote. Then he came home and we packed up what we needed for the weekend, loaded up the dogs and headed out.

Hope the weather stays neutral so you can get some relief from the migraines!

Your 4th sounds wonderful. I've never attended anything like you described but have seen it in movies and read about it in books.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Yeah it really is a lot like that. I'd never been to one like it either, but had this vague, fuzzy memory of attending something similar when I was very little. Many, many years later, when my husband-to-be and I first attended the festivities here I had a flashback and realized--oh my gosh, this was the place I remembered! I asked my mom about it and she said yes, we went there once or twice when I was little, LOL. Weird huh?

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