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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's in print!!!

The Model Man comes out in print today!

Nearly a month ago I ordered copies from the TWRP author store, so I've had plenty of time to hold this book in my hands and get used to the idea that it's finally real.

The Model Man can be purchased either at the TWRP website or from, where you can read a lovely review left by a fellow TWRP author who read the book and was kind enough to leave me a review. (Thanks, Leanne!)

It's definitely a day for celebrating!

BTW please bear with me as I adjust to this new blog template from Pyzam. I love it, but a lot of my settings are messed up. Comments don't always show and in the "Friends I Visit" section only one name appears--though if you scroll through the box, the others mysteriously pop up. I'm working on it!!


Anonymous said...

And I plan on getting a copy today! BTW, I love the new layout!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Thanks, Christine! Hope you enjoy it!

I'm getting used to the new layout, LOL, it's definitely more "me" than the pink one. *G*

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