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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Musings... Love the one You're With!

With The Model Man hanging out there in production limbo waiting for a release date (and as backed up as the production department at TWRP is, God only knows then that might be!), and the final spit and polish nearly complete on Wild Texas Wind, I’m feeling a little lost. Soon, Raz Colt will be tucked into an envelope and mailed off to New York. And I’ll be left all alone!

I confessed to a close friend and CP the other day that I was having thoughts about “pulling The Model Man from production and rewriting the ending.” LOL. I’ve been reading and re-reading it and obsessing about all the things I think I did wrong. She assured me it was just nerves and that it was high time I shared Derek Calavicci with the rest of the world. I’m not so sure!

I never realized before just how much separation anxiety I feel at the “loss” of my characters. Sure, they’re heading off into new lives—ready to touch new hearts. And will undoubtedly take a beating or two along the way, not everyone is going to love them the way I do. But it feels a little like kicking a baby bird out of its nest. But rather than sit around mourning my loss, I guess I’ll have to create new heroes and learn to love the one I’m with. *G* (This is not to say I don't love my heroines--but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have major crushes on my heroes!)

It’s not like I don’t have “options.” Vying for my attention this Valentine’s Day is a dashing artillery officer, Major Caleb McKenna, CSA. Or dark, mysterious horror novelist, Nick Mulrooney. Or one who has been near and dear to my heart since I began writing Wild Texas Wind, slick snake oil salesman/gambler Kip Cooper. And then there’s Sheriff Mitch Brody, also from Wild Texas, whom my critique partners are begging to see more of. So many heroes… so little time. So why am I still thinking about the ones that got away?

Do you miss your characters after you finish their stories? Or is it "done and over with" and you move on without a backward glance?

PS be sure to stop back tomorrow. For my regular Friday blog, I’ll be posting a sneak peek scene from The Model Man!


Paty Jager said...

So true, you have to love the one your with to make their story believable until the next hero comes along.

I think that's why Miner is so long. Not only did I not want to leave Ethan, but all the Halsey brothers are sprinkled throughout the book, even the two who already have books. They are family- my family and it was hard to let them go, even knowing I have two more books to write. And I love the heroine. Her spunk, her wit, the way she loves her children. These two characters were ones I could have kept writing about forever! LOL

I understand, but, you have to let them go so others can enjoy them. It's like a muscian writing a great piece of music- it's only great if others can hear it. Your book and characters needs to be out there for others to enjoy.

So forget about Derek, he belongs to all of us now, (drool) and get busy on the next guy we can dream and drool over!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

WHEW!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who goes through that, LOL. Yes, it is hard to part with them, especially when they've been "yours" for so long, and now you have to share them with everyone else. It's nervewracking!

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