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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years ago today...

I was going to post a new blog today. Probably more sniveling about how much writing I didn't get done, or how I'm still learning to use my time wisely while both kids are in school.

And then I remembered what day it was.

Funny how those things don't seem so blog-worthy now.

I found lots of images I could have used to go with today's blog. Most of them involved burning buildings or smoke pouring from gaping holes in the towers.

This one is more in keeping with how I want to remember this day.

To quote President Bush from this morning's ceremony at the Pentagon: "When buildings fell, heroes rose." May we always remember that.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Downright Shameful!

Yes, I've been neglecting the blog. Along with most other things, LOL. But with the kids in school (finally!) a full week next week, hopefully I can get back to my regular blog schedule.

Until then, please hop on over to visit my friends at the Slip Into Something Victorian blog site and check out the blog I posted earlier this week.

Until next time...


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